The first Virtual CoDriver in the world:
Your Smart Assistant. It will show you the way
and the structure of the bends you are approaching to.
Like a real Copilot. YOUR CoDriver!
To drive SAFELY
KNOWING the bends
With AndreucciCoDrive
also when driving DOWNHILL.
You will be FASTER and SAFER!

Driving SAFELY, first of all.

AndreucciCoDrive is YOUR Copilot. It will care about your SAFETY

Navigating towards TOTAL SAFETY

Knowing the road better is useful.
Besides giving you road instructions, AndreucciCoDrive will help you drive better on any kind of path, and increase the level of active safety of your driving style by providing you the characteristic elements of each bend your are approaching to.

Poor VISIBILITY? No Problem

While driving at night, you will know in advance the characteristics of the bend that you can NOT see yet. The indications by Andreucci CoDrive will help you drive better also on surfaces with poor adherence (wet, snowy, icy and dirty). With AndreucciCoDrive you will drive correctly in any condition, thus increasing safety for you and your passengers.

For a "smoother" and more precise drive

No more hard braking and sudden steering, let Andreucci CoDrive "tell you the next bend" and you will have an essential ally to improve your safety while driving. More safety also means reduced consumptions, more precision and smoothness as well as... less carsickness for your passengers!


Your personal CoDriver

3 Driving levels

Choose among three driving modes, corresponding to different levels of difficulty

Your maps

Save your "guided" routes and your destinations

Your Profile

Access your data in your personal area

Your settings

Parameters, variables and features. Decide which ones you want to activate or deactivate

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